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Who we are


We take pictures of


We’ve chosen to work with people who create art because we know how to make it look just right and endlessly gorgeous as it really is.

What we do


Every detail is


We do research, develop a concept, and contribute to the image with every detail you give us to create unique experience and one-of-a-kind pictures.

Your time is


Our aim is to organise a shooting, make sure it goes perfect, and deliver processed images just in time so that you could start promoting straightaway.

what it looks like


How we do it


Preparation is a


We work as a team of a concept designer, sketch artist, photographer, stage designer, costume designer, prop artist, make-up artist, and a hair stylist to develop an idea and capture the essence of what you do. As a result, you get signature images that highlight the style of your product.


Simple means


An image taken in a studio doesn’t mean to be boring. We construct an appropriate background, decide on a colour solution, arrange light and deliver top-quality pictures that can be used straightaway in social media or for adding brand design afterwards.


A lot becomes


Our work here is to create an elaborated composition of all the members that are in your music band, repertory theatre, dance company, football club or any other team you happen to be part of. The picture is taken as one shot, and everyone is present.


Light is


We organise a shooting in any place of your choice. It can be a neighbouring bar, a theatre you work at, a deserted warehouse on the edge of the town, even a dark forest or a wide field. Our light is autonomous, so we don’t need power supply to take great pictures.


Images are


When it comes to digital enhancement of a picture, nothing is impossible. Any ideas can be put into life when basic photos are done properly and with the right quality. It’s hard and time-consuming work of a large team including that of a digital artist, but the result is always amazing.


Canvas is


Anу artist who creates large-scale paintings faces difficulties to digitalise their art. What can’t be done with a scanner becomes possible with the help of a highly skilled photographer and the right light. We care about colour reproduction and guarantee the best result.

Blue Angel (1993) by Gabriel


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